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Title: Crazy on You
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Claudia/Myka
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1,300
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: Written for [personal profile] mosca in the [profile] girlsgunsfic exchange.
Summary: Claudia has a problem with daydreaming.

Daydreaming had always been sort of a problem for Claudia. It had started out when she was a kid and could never really pay attention like she was supposed to in class, and it had only gotten worse when she'd been institutionalized and there'd been literally nothing else for her to do except wish she was somewhere else. She'd gotten a little bit better about it recently, though, at least until she'd started spending more time with Myka.

It didn't matter so much at night, when Claudia was alone in her bed with time for all the fantasizing she could stand. Sometimes she'd go slowly, building up a whole narrative in her head to get to Myka kissing her, and sometimes she'd skip it and move straight to fingering herself while imagining it was Myka's tongue getting her off and not just her own hand. Either way she always felt a tiny bit guilty about it. Not that guilty, though - it wasn't like she was taking photos of her without her knowledge or something stalkerish like that. No, she was just engaging in a few red-blooded American fantasies before going to bed, and there was nothing really wrong with that.

But during the working hours of the day it could be a problem.

She'd been organizing - which sounded boring, but in the warehouse you had to be careful what you put where if you didn't want lose an arm - and she'd gotten distracted thinking about Myka's hair, and how nice it would be to run her fingers through it, and maybe down further to her chest, and over her stomach, and then down even further.

And then five seconds later she'd realize she actually moved a clarinet where she'd meant to move a flute, and the resultant energy build-up between the instruments was about to blow up a block of the warehouse. The catastrophe had been averted with only a few minor blisters to her fingers, but it'd still been something of a warning call.

"Claudia, what happened to your hands?" asked Myka, later, when she'd come home from her mission of the week.

"I left the coffee cup in the microwave way longer than I should have," said Claudia. She'd had a lie prepared pretty much the second it had happened, because there was no way she was admitting to not paying attention around the artifacts. Artie would be all over her in a New York second and she'd never be allowed to do anything by herself until she was old and grey.

Myka made a sympathetic noise. "Poor you," she said.

Claudia wondered if Myka'd be as sympathetic if she knew that Claudia wouldn't have hurt herself if she hadn't been imagining Myka without her clothes on. "It's not actually that big a deal," said Claudia. "I just wanted an excuse to bust out the band-aids." She waggled her fingers at Myka, giving her a chance to see the little electric blue skulls on the bandages.

Myka smiled, and Claudia's heart fluttered a little. And when Myka touched her hand to her neck a moment later she had to do her best not to let her eyes drift down to Myka's collarbone, to the little v-shaped patch of chest revealed by her shirt and then down over the swell of her breasts. If Claudia's going to be honest the staring's been getting a little out of line along with the day-dreaming.

"Claudia?" asked Myka, and Claudia snapped back to reality. She really hoped her name had only been called once.


"You wanna catch a movie tonight?" asked Myka. She took a sip of her coffee, and then very quickly licked her lips afterward. Not that Claudia was watching her mouth obsessively or anything.

"Absolutely," said Claudia.


"This is a terrible movie," said Myka.

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to watch a movie with both 'alligator' and 'vengeance' in the title," said Claudia. "You've got only yourself to blame."

Myka laughed. "Yeah, I guess so," she said. She leaned forward and stretched out her arms, and when she settled back down into the couch she was leaning lightly onto Claudia's side. Claudia swallowed and forced herself to settle down.

"Hey, Claudia? I have a question, but it's kind of blunt." They'd been talking over the movie all night, because it wasn't the sort of thing that really deserved a person's full attention.

"Okay," said Claudia, not really thinking much about it.

"Are you gay?" asked Myka.

Claudia hadn't taken a sip of her soda in a while, which was the only thing stopping her from doing a really spectacular spit-take. Okay, so she'd said she was going to be blunt, but still.

"Sure?" she said.

"Okay," said Myka. "I was just checking."

As far as Claudia was concerned there was only one real reason you went around asking ladies if they were gay, and that was if you wanted to get into their pants. But her brain was having a problem trying to wrap itself around the idea of Myka and getting in her pants, which was kind of hilarious given that right up until now her problem had been that she couldn't stop thinking about it.

"So..." said Claudia, but then she ran out of things to say.

"You haven't been very subtle with the staring," said Myka. "But I just wanted to be sure. Because I've been thinking about it for a while, and if you want to treat this like a date I'm fine with it."

"Okay," said Claudia. She was still trying really hard to make sure there was no way she could be interpreting this whole thing wrong. "So what you're saying is you're okay with the staring?"

"Yes," said Myka. She then gently grabbed Claudia's hand and helpfully draped it across her shoulder. "Although you might want to make sure Pete doesn't notice, he'll just be crass about it."

Claudia considered pinching herself, just to double check she was awake, but then decided that was a little more childish than she needed to be. "So this thing we're doing now, this is a date, right?" she asked.

"Yeah," said Myka.

Claudia decided she may as well go for broke. "And are we the sort of people who have sex on the first date?"

There was a pause before Myka answered. "I think we may as well wait the traditional three. There's no sense in rushing things. For now I'm happy just cuddling."

All that was cool with Claudia. She wrapped her arm tighter around Myka, nudging her way deeper into the couch. They watched together as d-list Canadian actors were killed off one by one, Claudia slightly distracted from the poorly acted and edited carnage by the smell of Myka's hair.

"On second thought, the movie is kind of boring," said Myka. "We can make out instead."

Score, thought Claudia.


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